School Uniform Pant


Pant ONLY (tie sold separately)

Shipped already pressed and ready to be worn

Zipper closure.

ALL UNIFORMS are made to your size specifications. *Measurements may be submitted with your order or emailed after order is placed.*

Grade Levels:

HS= High School  MS= Middle/Junior High School  ES/PS= Elementary School/Pre-School






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Pant ONLY (tie sold separately)

Processing time is about 2-3 weeks before your order(s) is/are shipped.

Don’t see your school fabric option?  No problem, just CONTACT US with info.

Shipped already pressed and ready to be worn

Zipper closure.

ALL UNIFORMS are made to your size specifications.

Additional information

Grade Level


School Uniform

Navy Solid, Navy/Grey Plaid (SCEC), Burgundy Solid, Blue/Pink Plaid, Blue/Blue Plaid, Green Plaid, Hunter Solid, Red/Yellow Plaid (RR), Grey Solid, Grey/Green/Red Plaid, Khaki Solid, Maroon/Grey Plaid, Yellow/Red BIG Plaid (PBL), Grey/Blue/Yellow Plaid, Brown Solid, Red/Green Plaid, White/Green/Blue/Yellow Plaid, Green/Blue/Yellow Plaid, Plaid 57, Plaid 37, Green/Khaki Plaid, Grey/Light Blue/Black Plaid, Red/Green/Navy Plaid, Red/Brown/Yellow Plaid (BCB), BLACK Solid


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How to measure

CLICK HERE for like to video HOW-To Tutorial.

  • WAIST - - Holding the tape measure at end with the smaller numbers(1), wrap tape measure around your waist area. The waist will be wherever the waistband of the uniform is naturally worn. You can use the navel as reference(may vary person to person).
  • HIP - - Wrap tape measure at the fullest part of you bottom. Be sure the tape measure is not falling off in the back .
  • SKIRT LENGTH - - Starting at the waist, measure down to where you would like the uniform to stop. MAKE SURE PERSON BEING MEASURED IS NOT LOOKING DOWN. This will make the skirt length shorter. If you would like the skirt to stop at the knee, you provide that measurement. If you would like it to stop at the top of the knee, you would provide that
  • measurement as well. ETC
  • SHOULDER TO WAIST - - For skirt with bibs, you will need this measurement. Starting at the base of the neck along the shoulders, measure down to waist where you measured previously.

*Double check measurements by recording measurements again to be sure they are accurate.*

BE SURE you are taking measurements on the side of the tape measure displayed in INCHES NOT CENTIMETRES